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MAX LOCK Quick Coupler

The Max Lock quick coupler has been developed to efficiently meet the most varied requirements of users, taking into account the restrictions imposed from the safety standards, without forgetting the specific needs of the leading manufacturers of public works machinery.

The Max Lock system represents the basic platform to equip mini excavators and excavators with a working weight of between 1,4 and 15 tonnes, which normally consists of:

· Quick hitch

· Standard bucket (dedicated for Max Lock)

· Ditch cleaning bucket (dedicated for Max Lock)

*The Max Lock buckets are always supplied in a reinforced version, equipped with recessed pins configuration and equipped with hooks for movement and transport.


Main Features

· Available in mechanical or hydraulic version

· Reversible (front and reverse bucket use)

· Compliant with EN 474-1 and ISO 13031 norms

· Visual indicator of hook-up · Easy to install

· Quickness of use

· Reliability

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