Euro Safe Universal Quick Coupler

quick coupler for excavator

Main features:

  • Universal.
  • Compliant with EN 474-1 and ISO 13031 norms
  • Reversible (front and reverse bucket use).
  • New operating system (kinematics and safety).
  • Hydraulic or manual drive.
  • Wide range of pins and center distances dockable.
  • Same configuration of original linkage design.

Quick coupler that fits every type of bucket and OE item, without editing requirements.

  • Compact design – Improving machine performance.Easy to install on excavator.
  • Greatly reduces time for different equipment changes and adds to your excavator’s versatility.
  • Completely safe, thanking the safety pin, the lock valve (hydraulic version) and the lock safety screw (mechanical version).
  • Almost every model allows to reverse buckets.
  • This architecture also provides wide opportunity to create “hybrid versions.”