Ditch Cleaning Bucket

VTN ditch cleaning bucket

The VTN ditch cleaning bucket, available with different profiles and geometries, is designed for the construction, maintenance and restoration of slopes, drainage channels, roadsides and any environmental remediation work. It can be supplied with reversible bolted under-blade.

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The VTN ditch cleaning bucket it can be supplied with

four different profiles.

VTN ditch cleaning bucket

Round Profile

suitable for light application is equipped with one or more internal reinforcements depending on width.

ditch cleaning bucekt

Square Profile

suitable for ground levelling or levelling loose soil, it is equipped with a rear welded blade and one or more internal reinforcement depending on the width.

ditch cleaning bucket

Holland Profile

The elongated profile compared to the round standard profile, allows higher load capacity. It is equipped with central reinforcements according to width.

ditch cleaning bucket

Scandinavian Profile

bucket with a conical profile to optimize work cycles in environments with fixed obstacles. Entirely produced with material to ≥ HB 400 and equipped with strips, it is normally used combined with tilt rotator.