high dump for wheel loader

High Dump Bucket

High dump bucket is designed to handle and load different materials (max 1000 kg/m3) at dump height…

light material bucket

Light Materials Bucket

Speific loader bucket to handle and load light materials (compost, wood scraps, cereal ecc.).

Standard bucket for wheel loader

Standard Bucket

Classic loader attachment to move and dig materials such as soil, grain, loam, fertilizer… Various sizes are available and in addition…

mining rock bucket for wheel loader

Mining Rock Bucket

Manufactured with heavy structure made of Hardox 400 where the bucket is subjected to the greatest stress and wear…

Slag Bucket for Wheel Loader

Slag Bucket

Designed to break through top layers of cooled slag and handle buried hot slag (~ 900°/1000°) and to…

Standard bucket for wheel loader

Reinforced Bucket

Heavy duty loader buckets are designed for face or bank loading in mines or quarries. The specific…

Fork for logs VTN

Log Forks

Log forks are a useful tool in the forestry industry to handle, load, unload and move logs and lumber…

pallet fork for wheel loader

Pallet Fork

The VTN forks are the ideal basic tool for safely handling a pallet.