high dump for wheel loader

High Dump Bucket

High dump bucket is designed to handle and load different materials (max 1000 kg/m3) at dump height…

VTN skeleton bucket

Skeleton Bucket

The skeleton bucket is a special product equipped with a grill frame. This product is designed to select stones, demolished.

swiveling bucket VTN

Swivelling Loader Bucket

As it can be swung 45° to the right and to the left thanks to one or two hydraulic cylinders and as it can be use.

light material bucket

Light Materials Bucket

Speific loader bucket to handle and load light materials (compost, wood scraps, cereal ecc.).

Standard bucket for wheel loader

Standard Bucket

Classic loader attachment to move and dig materials such as soil, grain, loam, fertilizer… Various sizes are available and in addition…

VTN Ripper Bucket

Ripper Bucket

This bucket, designed for heavy duty applications, is typically used to handle and load boulders and large blocks.

mining rock bucket for wheel loader

Mining Rock Bucket

Manufactured with heavy structure made of Hardox 400 where the bucket is subjected to the greatest stress and wear…

VTN ditch cleaning bucket

Ditch Cleaning Bucket

The VTN ditch cleaning bucket, available with different profiles and geometries, is designed for the construction, maintenance and restoration of slopes, drainage channels..

VTN standard bucket

Standard Bucket

Bucket designed for loading and excavating light and medium consistency grounds, such as soil, loam, non-compacted sand…

VTN trapezoidal bucket

Trapezoidal Bucket

The product is designed for trenches excavation and for ditches building. Its specific shape and the tilted sides…