The story of VTN Europe is that of a family and its company that can speak with pride and passion of a path of constant growth by now for 45 years.
From the beginning – back in 1973 – in the garage of the home of the founder, Nerio Vaccaro, to the modern production plant of Poiana Maggiore, in the province of Vicenza, a long way has been covered.
Without ever losing sight of the initial path traced from the very first years of activity, but opening up to wider avenues, where to lengthen the pace and expand the reach of the challenges to be met.

At the dawn it was about earthmoving equipment in VTN Benne, in which Nerio’s experience was cultivated. Then with the introduction in 1988 of the first examples of hydraulic demolition and crushing attachments the way was paved for the development of the demolition and recycling segment. In 1993 the separation of the two production lines coincided with the birth of the current VTN EUROPE.

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Today, at the head of the management team we find the children of Nerio – Antonio, Matteo and Elisa – and, in the role of President, his wife, Ms Doris Lunardi. United, the Vaccaro family continues the legacy principles and values ​​of a work started with passion and always managed with professionalism, competence and the desire to grow.
Under the banner of tradition and continuity, but with a strong spirit of initiative and the desire to innovate, with the firm conviction that the greatest mistake one can make is that of considering oneself as almost perfect and thus becoming blind and deaf to change and constructive confrontation.

Among the experts, VTN Europe has always been considered synonymous with quality equipment for demolition and recycling. A wide range of products, able to respond effectively in the best possible way to the needs of professionals on construction sites.

Construction, workmanship and product development are entirely Italian; Furthermore, solidity, resistance and reliability of the products, have overcome national boundaries, together with the effectiveness and punctuality of customer support and after-sales service.

At the plant in Poiana Maggiore there is a machining workshop equipped with high-productivity CNC lines and a large material warehouse, where large quantities of sheet metal and steel are stored, mainly Hardox (the best raw material for working in extreme wear conditions) In this way VTN can ensure elasticity and flexibility in the production of its products.

The organization of the workshop provides for careful checks, intermediate and final tests before delivery to the customer, regulated by compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System of which VTN has already obtained certification since 2010.

Over the years, the customized models have been added to the standard series models, which allow VTN to show the care and attention to detail, the search for quality materials and technological solutions that are constantly in line with the times.
In VTN the word completeness does not sound out of place, nor denotes unjustified presumption: The areas of demolition, handling, quarry and mine, recycling, earth moving are all sectors in which the undisputed quality of VTN products continue to be appreciated.

Active and lively on an international scale, with an export percentage of around 75% of turnover in 2017, VTN Europe is about to cross the milestone of half a century.
It intends to do this at its best, intensifying its presence in foreign markets, participating in fairs and exhibitions, proposing itself with a renewed image, to be constantly perceived as “different”
VTN Europe: a different way is the motto that this year accompanies the company and that clearly expresses the desire to stand out for quality and value of the product range. But also, and above all, for the way of being and doing business.